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How Much Does Indoor Skydiving Cost?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ever had that dream where you could lift up off the ground and soar above the clouds? Us too!

OK, so indoor skydiving’s not exactly like that. But it is pretty much the closest thing you’ll get to experiencing human flight without jumping from an airplane.

Here at Paraclete XP, we welcome thousands of flyers every year, from first timers right through to the world’s greatest skydiving teams. We’d love to welcome you along too!

How Much Is A First Time Flight?

A first time flight with us is $64. For this, you get two flights of one minute each, during which you will:

  • Complete a full briefing
  • Learn to fly in the stable belly to earth position
  • Try basic turns
  • Watch a demonstration from your instructor

What’s Included In The Cost?

The cost of indoor skydiving is based on the quality of the equipment we use and the experience of our instructors.

Paraclete XP currently has one of the largest indoor skydiving wind tunnels in the world. It’s used by the world’s top skydiving teams as a training tool as well as thousands of first-timers every year.

Who Can Try Indoor Skydiving?

Anyone that meets our minimum health requirements can come and learn to fly. Ages 3 and up are welcome.

It’s an awesome experience for all ages and especially fun when you can share it with friends or family members. We’ll do our best to have you and anyone you come with fly in the same session.

If you choose to take up indoor skydiving as a hobby, you’ll progress to flying with other people in the tunnel at the same time. You can then start trying different disciplines like ‘4-way formation skydiving’ which means you’ll work together to build different shapes as you fly.

How Do I Book?

Are you ready to try indoor skydiving? Book your flight online today or, if you have any questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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Andrew was my 8 & 10yr olds coach. They loved him & gave them an awesome first time experience. They will definitely be saving their money to go back. Loved the place & staff!

Patty Higareda-Manivong