Three-Way Throwdown

Three-way Tunnel Fun

Next Date: January 7 - 8, 2023 | 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

This January 7-8 2022 XPG4 will be hosting our SECOND 3-Way tunnel Throwdown at XP! No 3-way FLYING 😉 experience is required for this event, all you need is yourself.
This event is TRULY great for anyone at ANY experience level.
What to expect from this event:
⚡️30 minutes of ACTUAL FLYING time.
⚡️A sweeetttt event shirt
⚡️$$$$$ PRIZES
⚡️Pizza for Lunch
⚡️Happy Hour and Awards at PKs Bar and Grill
There are TWO different ways you can register for this event.
– Option 1: Complete the following Individual registration form and be assigned an XPG4 teammate and one other similarly skilled flyer.
– Option 2: Find 3 of your most favorited flying buddies and register through the Team Member Registration form.
Major registration differences?
– Option 1 is $400 per individual registration
– Option 2 is $350 per person to register when you BRING your OWN teammates 😎
🌺 IF overflow of teams negates Sunday competition – we will complete the rounds EARLY .. otherwise if 30 minutes of flying Saturday and ICL isn’t enough for you, WE GOT YOU COVERED. XPG4 members will also be available Sunday to coach and fly with you all 🥳 Simply check the Yes box, on your 3-way registration form and specify what you would like to work on (4-way, skills & drills, 1:1, etc.)
Any questions please feel free to DM any of the XPG4 teammates or send us an email


Upcoming Dates

  • January 7 - 8, 2023 | 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

What a great experience! Derek was a fantastic instructor and was wonderful with our whole family. Thanks for a great time, and for putting up with our mid-air catastrophes, fly always, and general chaos!
We can't wait to come back!

Kelly Burich