Curtis Taylor's portrait.

Curtis Taylor

Tunnel Instructor

Where are you from:

Cincinnati, OH

How long have you been a tunnel instructor:

1 year

How long have you worked at Paraclete:

1 year

What level instructor are you:

Level 2

Favorite thing about working as a tunnel instructor:

Getting to see people learn new things

Favorite thing about working for Paraclete:

Having the DropZone nearby

Skydiving background:

5 years, started in the military

Favorite discipline/move:


Favorite food:


Favorite hobby, aside from tunnel/skydiving:


I just love any establishment where you can tell that the employees are just STOKED to work there. The positive energy was infectious.

It was my husband and I's first skydiving experience. We planned on going in a month to a facility like this in Vegas for his bday. But I am just so happy that we came here. Everyone here was so kind, professional and funny. It's been 24 hrs since our skydiving adventure and I'm still on an adrenalin high.

Teresa B.