Manny Black's portrait.

Manny Black

Tunnel Instructor

Where are you from:

Perth, Western Australia

How long have you been a tunnel instructor:

4 years

How long have you worked at Paraclete:

4 years

What level instructor are you:


Favorite thing about working as a tunnel instructor:

Watching people learn

Favorite thing about working for Paraclete:

Family and team environment

Skydiving background:

12+ years military and civilian

Favorite discipline/move:

Layouts are king

Favorite food:

Whatever is tasty

Favorite hobby, aside from tunnel/skydiving:

I do stuff sometimes

Experience of a lifetime. My husband, 7 year old daughter and I took a break at this place on our drive to Georgia. It was a great decision, as it was so much fun. Our instructor was great. It is a top notch facility. We each got a two minute flight, at first we thought it would not be enough, but once we did it, we realized it's more than enough to get the adrenaline rush. They took pictures and video of the entire experience. Anyone can also watch it live on their website. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Croal P.