PJ Jackson's portrait.

PJ Jackson

Tunnel Instructor

Where are you from:


How long have you been a tunnel instructor:

5 years

How long have you worked at Paraclete:

5 Years

What level instructor are you:


Favorite thing about working as a tunnel instructor:

Perfect Weather

Favorite thing about working for Paraclete:

Indoor RC Drift track

Skydiving background:

20 years 11,000+ Skydives

Competition background:


Favorite discipline/move:


Favorite food:

I don’t eat

Favorite hobby, aside from tunnel/skydiving:

RC Cars and Trucks

I celebrated my One year & 1 week chemo anniversary with my daughter and wonderful friend. David N. Gets a BIG thumbs up from us. Thanks for a fantastically fun time for 3 newbies!! We WILL be back!!

Tina Lynn Babson Nielsen