First Time Flyers

Indoor Skydiving For The First Time

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving. The word ‘skydiving’ is a little curious as it generates an emotional response from nearly everyone! The fact is indoor skydiving feels just like jumping out of a perfectly good plane, but without the jumping or the parachutes! Without a plane and all that nylon, indoor skydiving opens up a whole new world to people wishing to experience the sensation of flight without having to take a massive step from 13,500 feet!

First Time Flyers

First timers need not be intimidated. As the many pictures show, kids from age three and up catch on to the sensation of flight very quickly. It’s natural to feel a little nervous because this experience is totally different than anything you’ve ever done before.

Fighting the laws of gravity will feel foreign, but we will prepare you properly! To get the most out of your experience, it’s important to arrive at our facility at least 45 minutes prior to your flight time. It’s imperative that you don’t feel rushed as that leads to stress. The key to your success in the wind tunnel is to… relax. The best way to feel relaxed is to be prepared!

Indoor skydiving feels just like jumping out of a perfectly good plane, but without the jumping or the parachutes!

Preparing For Flight

Upon arriving and checking in, we’ll whisk you to the classroom and teach you the fundamentals of how to fly your body in the tunnel. It’s all about the arch position (think the shape of a banana). We’ll teach you how to use your arms and legs as rudders which will allow you to manipulate the wind on your body and fly with control! We will also teach basic hand signals which your instructor will give to you once flying, for feedback on your body position.

The Greatest Workout

What many people don’t factor into this experience is the awesome workout! Learning to center your body on the wind is an awesome workout for the core as well as resistance training on your muscles. If you want to get a little workout while having the time of your life… you’re going to love this!

You’ll notice, many of our time slots are in increments of minutes. You’ll quickly learn that it takes time to strengthen your flying muscles to fly for longer periods of time.

Making a Reservation

Reserving your indoor skydiving session is super easy. You can call us or use the magic of the interwebs and with a couple clicks of the mouse, you’ll be booked and ready to fly! We also offer birthday party packages for kids, corporate team building events, youth leagues and even wind tunnel memberships. Visit our pricing page to select the package you want.

Please note that we do not offer refunds for missed or last minute cancellations.


Weight Restriction

Participants cannot weigh more than 250lbs in order to fly. If you have additional questions regarding this policy, please call us directly, we’d be happy to speak with you about this personally.

Under the Age of 18

Please note, all guests who are under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian sign for parental consent. This paperwork cannot be signed by other parents. There is no exception to this policy. You can download our waiver and fill it out in advance.

A Word on Our Refund Policy

We don’t want there to be any surprises about our refund policy, so you won’t find it buried in the small print. Please note that we do not offer refunds for missed or last minute cancellations. Unlike many other businesses, we are selling something we are unable to get back – time! No shows don’t give us the opportunity to sell that time. If you are needing to reschedule, please be sure to contact us at least an hour prior to your flight time for rescheduling.

First Time Flyer Packages

Thinking of flying for the first time? Below is our pricing schedule for first-time flyers.

If you would prefer to fly for longer periods of time, one of these introductory flights are required in order to go through the necessary training. Additional time can be purchased under the category of ‘repeat flyer’ time and bundled at checkout via our online booking. To read more about this, please visit our FAQ’s page under the section ‘First Time Flyers.

Earn Your Wings
Spread Your Wings
Buddy Plan
Family Plan
Flight Minutes
3 Each
10 Shared
Flight Certificate
Classroom Training
Flight Gear
Video of Flight

Downloadable Waiver Form

Waiver Form

All participants of Paraclete XP SkyVenture are required to sign a waiver form. All minors under the age of 18 must have parental consent signed by each individual's parent. Please download, sign and present on the day of your appointment.


At 57 years young and my first experience with indoor skydiving, I can't think of anything more exciting to do! My experience was truly amazing and I'll definitely be back. I totally recommend this place to anyone looking for a safe, fun, and exciting experience (at any age)!

Teresa Hewett Howard