Waterfront view of a bridge in Wilmington, NC.

Indoor Skydiving Wilmington

Just 2 Hours From Wilmington, NC

Not all indoor skydiving locations are created equal, and Paraclete XP sits head and shoulders above the rest – literally! The vertical wind tunnel at Paraclete XP is the largest in the country! We see visitors from across the US and the world, including guests and regulars from Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Paraclete XP is independently owned and operated, meaning you get the personal touch of interacting with staff members who truly care about our customers. So what are you waiting for? Let’s fly

Come for the air time, stay for the world class experience!  

Our Facilities

Paraclete XP is a purpose-built indoor skydiving facility that promotes the thrill and practice of body flight. Our goal is to share our passion for freefall and the joy of flight with guests of all ages. 

And we’re more than just a wind tunnel! Our indoor skydiving location includes classrooms, team debrief rooms, party rooms, and corporate breakout rooms that can accommodate any type of group or event. Indoor skydiving is also a great field trip experience! 

We have everything you need to experience extreme body flight whether you’re trying it for the first time or training for an international competition

Eight skydivers lay on the net at the bottom of the tunnel before the wind turns on.

Largest Vertical Wind Tunnel

How’d you like to say you flew in the largest vertical wind tunnel in the United States? At 16’5” in diameter and 53’ tall, Paraclete XP’s tunnel towers above (and around) the rest. 

The average indoor skydiving location has a wind tunnel that’s 14’ in diameter – which is also the required minimum diameter for indoor skydiving competitions – and standard wind tunnels are between 32’ and 50’ tall. The larger design of our tunnel opens up new possibilities for team training and also allows first time flyers a little more space to move around.

Four fans operating at 541 horsepower each (that’s 2,164 horsepower total for those counting!) circulate the air that holds our flyers aloft. We can control the speed of the wind, meaning we can adjust it to accommodate flyers of different ages and weights. We can also control the interior temperature of our windy tube, allowing for the most optimal experience. Many tunnels are the same temperature as the outside air, which is not a huge deal when indoor skydiving near Wilmington, but it does get chilly in North Carolina!

Indoor & Outdoor, All At Once

The opportunity to fly in the vertical wind tunnel and in the sky on the same day is something most indoor skydivers can only dream of! We’re only 10 minutes away from our skydiving dropzone, Skydive Paraclete XP, meaning that you can just about walk out of the tunnel and straight onto an airplane! 

Beyond just being super fun, the tunnel is a critical training tool for those learning how to skydive with the Paraclete Student Program (PSP). Every indoor skydive is the equivalent of an outdoor skydive from 13,500 feet! Indoor skydiving allows you to concentrate on your freefall skills in a controlled environment without having to do the whole fly up, jump out, and land part. The ability to focus on bodyflight enables you to learn faster, retain more, and progress with greater confidence.

Driving Directions From Wilmington, NC

  1. Take US-76 W and NC-87 N to County Line Road in Cumberland County (76.8 mi)
  2. Continue on County Line Road. Take East Parkton Tobermory Road, Davis Bridge Road, Rockfish Road and Lindsay Road to US-401 S in Hoke County (21.1 mi)
  3. Turn left onto US-401 South (0.9 mi)
  4. Drive to Paraclete Drive (0.2 mi)
  5. Arrive at Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving: 190 Paraclete Drive, Raeford, NC 28376

Stay & Play In Raeford!

There’s lots to do near our indoor skydiving location – come into town from Wilmington, and then stay and play a while! There are a number of great and convenient places to stay and plenty to explore not far from Paraclete XP!

Ready to fly? Come indoor skydiving with us at Paraclete XP and experience the freedom of flight!

Young boy smiles while flying in the tunnel at the Paraclete XP youth league.

Absolutely awesome experience! We got the buddy package and my buddy was super nervous.. But we had a blast. Not to mention the staff were so welcoming, assuring, and encouraging. We felt so safe with them! Thanks Manny!

Kayla Masser