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In this day and age, there’s no hiding behind poor service. People with negative experiences take to the interwebs in droves to tell the world about their experience. We recognize this and we’re in it to win it, so we work extra hard to make people happy! The reviews below are not manufactured for the purpose of looking good. These are real people with real experiences. We won’t rest on our laurels, but rather push for more positive reviews.

Jim J.

My wife and I celebrated our 34th Anniversary by going Indoor Skydiving at ParacleteXP in Raeford, NC. We are in our 60’s and this activity was safe, fun, and exciting. Dalton was our flight instructor and we recommend that you ask for him by name: He will guide you and have a great time with you in the wind tunnel. You wear a flight suit, helmet, and eye and ear protection, and it is very comfortable. You literally fly in the tunnel. We also watched several parachute teams practicing in the tunnel for competitive events. Skydiving was on our bucket list, but who wants to jump out of a perfectly good airplane when you can do indoor skydiving at a fraction of the cost, and have a ball. Watch the videos on the web site and take a trip to Raeford NC to ParacleteXP….it is a great deal of fun.

aggiepride95 – TripAdvisor

Our group of 13 family and friends ranged from 14-66 years of age. It was an exciting experience for all of us. Our flight instructor was JOHN and he was absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!! He took time to explain all of the details of what we were to expect during our flying experience. He was very patient with our group….(we asked A LOT of questions). PLEASE REQUEST HIM TO BE YOUR FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR….
We were provided with flight suits, goggles, shoes, helmets and ear plugs and our instructor was inside with us during our flight so it was completely safe.
There is an observation area outside of the tunnel so you can easily see professionals practice and train as well as the newbies before and after your timed flight…Make sure you purchase the video and pictures…so you can prove to your friends that you actually did it. Well worth the drive to Raeford!!!!! Oh, don’t forget to tell your family and friends that can’t make the trip to view you flying live on the LIVE cam!
We had friends and family from across the state viewing us while we flew! Awesome experience!!!!!!!! Will definitely return to fly again!

Croal P.

Experience of a lifetime. My husband, 7 year old daughter and I took a break at this place on our drive to Georgia. It was a great decision, as it was so much fun. Our instructor was great. It is a top notch facility. We each got a two minute flight, at first we thought it would not be enough, but once we did it, we realized it’s more than enough to get the adrenaline rush. They took pictures and video of the entire experience. Anyone can also watch it live on their website. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Carole P.

On our way to the US Open we passed the indoor skydiving facility.  The next day was my husbands 71st birthday and he decided that’s what he wanted to do for his birthday.  It was for us to do together…., I was apprehensive but far be it for me to spoil his birthday.  I read all your reviews and checked their safety first. What a pleasant surprise. I loved it.  We had Selwyn as an instructor and he was very informative.  We live in NJ and I am disappointed that we are so far away.  Did hear they are expanding and coming to NJ and I will definitely go again and bring my grandchildren.  It is for all ages and better then jumping out of an airplane….   Just plain fun!!!

Waylon T.

One of the coolest experiences with a great staff of professionals who you can tell really enjoy their jobs.  The facility is top notch offering the perfect environment for viewing all the action in the tunnel.  They are also really great with little ones.

Jason G.

My 13-year-old son and I went to Paraclete XP for a little adventure, and we got it. Flying in the wind tunnel is exhilarating. Our instructor, Selwyn, was awesome, giving us guidance when we needed it and letting us just fly when we got it. And he kept it really fun, which was key. This was a phenomenal experience and we will definitely be back.

Teresa B.

I just love any establishment where you can tell that the employees are just STOKED to work there. The positive energy was infectious.

It was my husband and I’s first skydiving experience. We planned on going in a month to a facility like this in Vegas for his bday. But I am just so happy that we came here.

Everyone here was so kind, professional and funny.

The instructors flew around like super HERO’s and made it look like fun.
And it was. It’s been 24 hrs since our skydiving adventure and I’m still on an adrenalin high. Can’t wait to come back for the championships in Feb!

Thank you!!!

Nicole S.

You need to try this!!!

It was so awesome. Loved everything about it. The staff were extremely nice and our instructor was awesome! My boyfriend and I can’t stop talking about what a great experience we had here this weekend.

We are from virginia and made the trip down just for this and will definitely be back soon again.

Rebecca T.

So much fun! I took my husband here yesterday for his birthday and we had a blast! He’s always wanted to go skydiving, but that’s something I’m not willing to do unless my life depends on it. I figured I could handle indoor skydiving just fine, and I did.

Indoor skydiving is really just a VERY large vertical wind tunnel that you get to go in. Your first time flight comes with basic instruction in hand signals (rather important since you can’t hear anything when you are in the tunnel) and gear to wear (flight suit, goggles, helmet). The package I booked also came with flight certificates, t-shirts, and a thumb drive with video of our flight.

This particular wind tunnel is one of the three largest in the world. It is 16′ in diameter and (I’m guessing) 6 stories tall. If you want more details or a better idea of what this is all about, just go to their website. They have a live stream from the wind tunnel every day.

Teresa Hewett Howard

At 57 years young and my first experience with indoor skydiving, I can’t think of anything more exciting to do! My experience was truly amazing and I’ll definitely be back. I totally recommend this place to anyone looking for a safe, fun, and exciting experience (at any age)!

Debbie Maline

Paraclete is a great tunnel – Professional staff and a fun place to fly. Be prepared to enjoy yourself. Go for fun. Go for a camp. Stay for the weekend (and if you skydive, go 10 minutes down the road to Skydive Paraclete!)

Jim Doherty

By far the Best Tunnel we have been to. Our instructors are Zach Mullins and Ben Roane, 2014 Nights of Prague 1st Place award winners. The tunnel is huge and the Dynamic coaching is Amazing. A definite High Five for all. A must do!!!!

Alex Mor Lote

Great time today meeting with the knowledgeable and professional management and staff. CAT 8311 thanks you for the support and hospitality as we conducted our airfield assessment training.

Tina Lynn Babson Nielsen

I celebrated my One year & 1 week chemo anniversary with my daughter and wonderful friend. David N. Gets a BIG thumbs up from us. Thanks for a fantastically fun time for 3 newbies!! We WILL be back!!

Karen Studebaker Haneline

It was such an awesome experience I took my children for their birthdays and they loved it too. I recommend it to everyone!

Zaina Il

Can’t say enough good things about this place. The tunnel is always running and the coaching was amazing, ask for Zoltan if you want to improve your flying skills exponentially!

Shika Coleman Barringer

Awesome experience! Everyone was so helpful and nice! The facility was clean and orderly. Jesse, the instructor was soooo good! He was patient, funny and cool! I highly recommend giving this place a try! You will not be disappointed!

Hanna Mixon

We took our 4 year old son today and it was the greatest experience ever!! David was his instructor and we couldn’t have picked anyone better. We will definitely be back!!

Robert Mazuka

Let me start by saying “What a freakin BLAST” Dalton & Selwyn you two are the coolest. One of the funnest experiences ever. Adreneline at it”s best….. Wish you guys the very best. I had no idea it would b this intense, seeing the Army Knights practicing right before we went in was cool as hell. I will definitely be back…

Don Lauer

Outstanding facilities, outstanding staff, outstanding instruction, and so much fun! I brought 23 of us from Troop 9212 and AHG SC 9212 and they were awesome with the Scouts/AHGs. Would recommend others BSA/AHG units to check them out as it is safe, fun, and a great value for what you learn!

My wife and I celebrated our 34th Anniversary by going Indoor Skydiving at ParacleteXP in Raeford, NC. We are in our 60's and this activity was safe, fun, and exciting. Dalton was our flight instructor and we recommend that you ask for him by name: He will guide you and have a great time with you in the wind tunnel.

Jim J.