best indoor skydiving experience

Why the Best Indoor Skydiving Experience is With Us

Friday, June 18, 2021

Though they may offer the “same” service, all wind tunnels are not created equal. While you might be tempted to believe that you’ll receive a carbon copy indoor experience no matter where you roam, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here’s why the best indoor skydiving experience is at Paraclete XP. 

We are the Biggest and the Baddest


When it comes to wind tunnels, size matters. While smaller wind tunnels can make you feel downright claustrophobic, our giant tunnel measures in at a whopping  16’5″ in diameter and 53’ tall. As a matter of fact, we are actually the proud owners of the largest vertical wind tunnel in the United States. 


So how does the size make it the best indoor skydiving? Aside from comfort, the large dimensions of the tunnel give first-time flyers ample room to fly and practice movement and also allow skydiving teams of up to 8 people to practice most competition formations.


Admittedly, our large tunnel would be nothing if we were only able to produce a piddly little column of air. This is where our jumbo fans come in. Within the wind tunnel at Paraclete XP, there are four fans each boasting 451 horsepower. The result is enough power to comfortably accommodate freeflyers and military operations. Don’t worry! The speed of the wind tunnel is easily controlled by the tunnel “driver” and can be turned up or down as needed. 

best indoor skydiving experience

More Just Than a Fancy Fan


Our indoor wind tunnel is a true engineering marvel. As opposed to an open air design, our indoor skydiving tunnel is a recirculating model. In this model, our mega fans push air out to the sides of the tunnel structure and past Temperature Regulation Doors ( also known as Louvres) on each side. The air is directed by turning vanes which guide the flow of air up into the flight chamber. This recirculating model allows us to provide in-chamber temperature control keeping the tunnel a comfortable cool in the summer and a cozy warm in the winter. Another plus of the recirculating model is a smooth column of turbulence free air to fly on within the flight chamber. 

The Dropzone Is Just Down the Street


What if this body flight thing really strikes your fancy? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to take your indoor skydiving experience to the next level…like say…on a real skydive!? Well, at Paraclete XP, that is a real possibility: the skydiving dropzone is just a mere 10 minutes away from our indoor wind tunnel. We offer tandem skydives as well as a learn to skydive program (the Paraclete Student Program) that includes tunnel time to help you progress efficiently and effectively. 

best indoor skydiving experience

Champion Favorite


It says alot about your ability to offer the best indoor skydiving experience when you are the preferred indoor skydiving tunnel for several world champion teams. From the upper echelon of competitors to the average fun jumpers, our tunnel is the top pick. Throughout the year, we draw indoor skydivers from around the globe with various events, and for the last several years, we have been the proud host of the Indoor Skydiving Nationals



The best indoor skydiving experience should be fun and affordable. While we absolutely love skydiving, a tandem skydive costs $200, and although it provides other elements to experience (like the plane ride, exit, and ride under the parachute), if you boil it down to just freefall, you are only getting one minute of freefall for your 200 bucks. The cost of flying in the indoor wind tunnel is about $35 per minute. 

Great For Group Gatherings


Now that the pandemic is nearly behind us, there is no better time to round up friends, families, and co-workers for some truly epic get-togethers. If you ask us, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a little air time! Whether you are planning a family reunion or a work retreat, our facilities here at Paraclete XP can accommodate your group. 

A Fun First Time Introduction


Firsts can be a little nerve wracking. Just think about it. First kiss? Potentially terrifying. First day of school? Overwhelming. First day at a new job? Downright anxiety inducing. The same nervous stirrings might accompany your first time flying in the wind tunnel. But, at Paraclete XP, there’s no need to worry. Between our professional instructors and comprehensive pre-flight briefing, you’ll have exactly what you need to succeed. You’ll be having fun from the moment you arrive.


The best indoor skydiving experience is waiting. What do you say? Are you ready to fly?


I was also shocked to see children, barely old enough to go to school, doing great in the wind tunnel! When the instructors take a minute to show off, you’ll be amazed.

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