How Our Wind Tunnel Is Different

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Paraclete XP is the largest wind tunnel in the US and home to some of the world’s best skydiving teams. But that’s not all that makes us unique! Here are a few more things that make Paraclete different.

360 Degree Observation Decks

Want to show off your body flying skills to an audience of friends, family or just other flyers? With us, you can! Our wind tunnel has transparent sides and is surrounded by an observation deck on all sides. Whether you’re trying out indoor skydiving for the first time or perfecting your awesome moves, do it in style and let everyone see what you’ve got!

The observation decks also make Paraclete XP a great wind tunnel for spectators. Why not purchase a first time flyer experience for a loved one and come watch them earn their wings? You can relax with a drink or take photos while they fly.

Indoor skydiving observation deck

Temperature Control

There are few things less comfortable than trying to fly your body in a jumpsuit when you’re baking hot. Located in Raeford, Paraclete XP is no stranger to high temperatures and long periods of sunshine.

To keep our flyers cool, we’ve installed temperature control – possible only because of our air recirculation design. It doesn’t mean you can’t still show off some hot skydiving moves though!

World Class Teams

We’re proud to say we’re home to some of the world’s greatest skydiving teams. Thanks to the size and power of our wind tunnel, teams find they have more space and speed in which to train, so they choose us as their training ground.

Rhythm XP is a 4 way formation skydiving team which has achieved the silver medal in the US Nationals three years in a row. Not only do they train with us, they also provide coaching for teams and one on one instruction in the wind tunnel too. Want to learn from the best? You can do so here!

Indoor/Outdoor Skydiving Packages

Paraclete XP is located just down the road from Skydive Paraclete, one of the world’s leading outdoor skydiving dropzones.

Because of our connection to Skydive Paraclete, we’re able to offer an adventure package that includes both an indoor skydiving flight and an outdoor tandem skydive. Experience the ultimate thrill with Paraclete XP and Skydive Paraclete and create memories you’ll never forget!

indoor skydiving teams

Indoor Skydiving: Size Matters

In indoor skydiving, size really does matter! At 16’4″ in diameter (and 51’ in height), Paraclete XP is currently the world’s widest wind tunnel. For experienced skydivers, this means loads of space for flying 4 way and 8 way formations as well as dynamic freeflying and freestyle. If you’re coming here for your first flight, it means even more space to fly around and enjoy!

It’s also the world’s biggest in terms of power. We have four huge fans at 541 horsepower each, giving us the air speed range to truly simulate the scope of freefall. If you’re serious about perfecting your body flight, Paraclete is the place to do it.

Indoor Skydiving Prices

Ready to experience the thrill of indoor flight? Check out our prices and book your indoor skydive today, or contact us if you’ve got any questions and one of our team members will be happy to help!

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Young boy smiles while flying in the tunnel at the Paraclete XP youth league.

Top notch! Instructor John was awesome! There is nothing like soaring, weightless. Staff was great and I even got to watch some of the pros practicing formations before we flew.

Gwendolynn St Pierre