5 Skydiving Wind Tunnel Facts That May Surprise You

Monday, August 15, 2016

A skydiving wind tunnel is a great place to experience freefall, without jumping out of an airplane. Simulating the sensations of falling through the air, indoor skydiving is growing in popularity amongst first timers and experienced skydivers alike.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about skydiving wind tunnels.

1) Indoor Skydiving Is A Sport In Itself

Many people think that skydiving wind tunnels are simply a place to try the experience of freefall before jumping from a plane. Fewer people realize that indoor skydiving is actually a sport in itself.

There are various indoor skydiving competitions throughout the year. Here at Paraclete XP, we welcome teams throughout the year for competitions and training camps to help them improve.

As a first-timer, you may decide you’d like to take up indoor skydiving as a hobby. Like any sport, you train, improve, and increase your range of skills. You don’t need to be an outdoor skydiver either; you can indoor skydive without ever jumping from an airplane (although we’d recommend trying outdoor skydiving to anyone too!).

2) It’s Physically Exhausting

It’s just falling, right?


Indoor skydiving is as physically demanding as many other sports. You’re not simply ‘falling’ (in fact, indoors, you’re not technically falling at all).

You’re actually putting your body under a great deal of pressure. This is because the air is coming up at you, and you need to control your body position in that wind in order to fly effectively. You’ll find your arms, in particular, are going to feel quite tired as your muscles work to stay strong in the airflow, rather than flapping around!

You can try it by putting your hand out the window (safely) as a passenger in a moving car. You’ll feel how strong that wind is against your hand and how challenging it is to keep your hand still. It’s the same way in a wind tunnel, except the wind is coming from below, rather than in front.

That’s why we ask you to come for your flight dressed comfortably, well-nourished, and hydrated. Even flying for a few minutes will leave you feeling like you’ve had a workout.

3) Anyone Over 2 Years Of Age Can Fly

Provided you’re in good health, and fulfill our fitness criteria, anyone over the age of 2 years can fly with us.

We will do our best to accommodate anyone with a disability, too. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your needs.

This means indoor skydiving is a fantastic sport for the whole family. Children, teenagers, and adults can all experience the feeling of human flight and, depending on how well you fly and how much time you’ve done, you can work up to flying together, too.

4) Paraclete Is Currently The Biggest Wind Tunnel In America

Paraclete XP SkyVenture is currently the biggest vertical wind tunnel in the US in terms of power and size.

At 16.4 feet in diameter, it’s the largest wind tunnel and in terms of power, our 4 fans of 541 horsepower each are the most powerful on the planet.

That makes us one of the most popular wind tunnels in the world for indoor and outdoor skydivers. Our proximity to Skydive Paraclete, our outdoor skydiving center, means we’re in the ideal location for anyone who wants to try both, too.

5) It’s Challenging and Incredibly Good Fun!

Flying in a wind tunnel is an experience unlike any other. Ever wondered what it feels like to fly? This is your chance to find out!

Whether you’re trying it for the first time or progressing as an indoor skydiver through training and lessons, you’ll be challenged every moment. And that’s a lot of fun!

You’ll feel weightless, yet powerful. You’ll be in strong airspeeds that have the potential to buffer you around, yet your body position will hold you in place. After you’ve tried it once, you’ll want to do it again and again.

Ready to Give Indoor Skydiving a Try?

To find skydiving wind tunnel locations near you, check out Indoor Skydiving Source’s comprehensive database of wind tunnels. Certainly, if you live in or near North Carolina, we hope you’ll come fly with the experienced team at Paraclete XP. Book your indoor skydiving experience today or contact us with any questions you have.

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Everyone was extremely friendly,fun and helpful! We were from out of town drove three hours and were running late from bad weather we had a group of 10 and they called us to tell us to be careful in the weather and to take our time on arriving. Our instructor was amazing we had 3 three yr olds and he did an amazing job with all of them!

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