couple flies in paraclete wind tunnel near fayetteville nc

4 Reasons You Should Take Your Date Indoor Skydiving

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Planning a date night in Fayetteville, NC? Boy, have we got an idea for you.

What if you could fast-forward through all that awkward small talk and take the object of your affection on a brilliant, unique mini-adventure? What if you could have a sneak peek at how that person approaches a challenge? What if you could both learn what it’s like to fly?

You can. Seriously.

Intrigued? We knew you would be, you clever cupid, you. Here’s what to expect when you trade in a series of awkward silences at the local coffee shop for a high-flying evening at your friendly neighborhood indoor skydiving center. Spoiler: sparks are gonna fly!

1. Flying Is Foolproof.

Nothing guarantees a hootin’, hollerin’ good time like our beloved “windytube.” Taking your date to the tunnel really does take the stress out of hoping your date enjoys themselves.

2. Grasping For Conversation? No Longer.

If you feel like your last dates have been an exercise in dodging dull (and dangerous) territory, we have your back. Indoor skydiving is an instant conversation starter. From the time you walk in, you’ll be watching the whirling shenanigans through the glass tunnel walls, so you’ll have a ready-made source of commentary–and, once it gets started, you’ll both be exhilarated by your individual experiences. (Just try to let your date sneak a word in edgewise, okay?)

3. Flying Is Unique.

Everyone goes out to dinner. Everyone goes out for coffee. Everyone goes out to the movies. Everyone goes out to the bar. If you make one of those tired suggestions, you’re not really going to stand out from the crowd, right?

If you’re really into somebody, best to show how unique you think they are by taking them on a unique mini-adventure that they’ll remember forever. Trust us, they could care less about successfully enduring a couple of hours at a bistro table over a latte–but they’re going to be telling their friends about flying, for sure. (“You’ll never guess what I did!…”)

4. Laughter Is An Aphrodisiac.

Just sayin’. Tunnel flying is an active, goofy, giggly good time with “whee” written all over it. It’s physical, challenging and oh-so-very hug-inspiring. What stokes the fires of love more than that? We don’t even know.

More questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us. We’d love to help you plan your date!

Let me start by saying "What a freakin BLAST" Dalton & Selwyn you two are the coolest. One of the funnest experiences ever. Adreneline at it"s best..... Wish you guys the very best. I had no idea it would b this intense, seeing the Army Knights practicing right before we went in was cool as hell. I will definitely be back...

Robert Mazuka