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Unique Bucket List Ideas

Friday, January 26, 2018

It’s the start of a brand, spanking New Year – is it time to update your bucket list? Do you even have a bucket list? Do you know how to make a bucket list? No matter where you’re at on the bucket list spectrum, we’re here to help fill your bucket with the best, coolest, most interesting, unique and perhaps even ridiculous ideas that should make your year something to talk about.

The best bucket list ideas are typically composed of things that simultaneously speak to your heart and inspire a bout of butterflies or trepidatious tingles! The idea is to make sure you are living your life fully and making the most of your time. Read through our suggestions for unique bucket list ideas, and if something clicks, be sure to add it to your list!

Challenge Someone In A Random Dance Battle

Even if you don’t have all the moves, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone! A new year gives you the opportunity to take chances. At the very least, you will get a few giggles out of the dance challenge.

Run A Marathon

Remember, just because you haven’t done it yet, doesn’t mean you can’t. This one takes a little training, but with a little work, you can easily achieve this bucket list item. Plus, there are also tons of charity races you can run that are for great causes. It’s a win-win. You get to cross something off your list and have the opportunity to make a difference for others.

woman crosses marathon run off bucket list

Learn To Play A New Instrument

You knew you should have kept up with those lessons! 2018 is the perfect time to pick up that dusty guitar or forlorn horn and play. If you never learned at all, here is your chance. It might not be easy, but we bet it’s worth it.

Plan A Road Trip With A Friend Or Loved One To Somewhere You’ve Never Been.

Everyone could use an adventure buddy. Who else is going to laugh with you when you exhibit an utter lack of directional sense and end up quite a way from where you intended? Really, though, a road trip to somewhere new with someone you care for is rewarding. As you explore new places, you may even learn something new about the person you are traveling with.

woman at the wheel on a road trip

Go To The Grand Canyon

It took millions of years to become what it is, and the sheer size will leave you reeling in a good way. We think a trip to the Grand Canyon is an excellent item to add to your bucket list.

Swim in the World’s Largest Swimming Pool

This is something you just gotta see. And while you’re at it, maybe hold the world’s largest pool party!

Buy A Ticket To Go See Your Favorite Sports Team

Typically, watching something on television cannot compete with the experience in real life. Treat yourself in 2018 and take a trip to see your favorite sports team play. Even if they don’t win, enjoy the camaraderie you’ll feel with fellow fans.

See The Northern Lights

Ole’ Aurora Borealis is a light show you’ll never forget. The best spots to catch this spectacle on our continent are found in the Northwestern parts of Canada. If you want to country hop, you can also take a trip to the southern tip of Greenland or the northern coast of Norway. Whether you are ‘nerding’ out over the science behind these stunning displays or just pleased with the aesthetics of undulating colors in the sky, a visit to the Northern Lights makes an awesome addition to any bucket list.

Go To All 50 States

We live in a pretty expansive country with tons to explore, so really, you don’t need to travel across the sea to experience something new! From natural wonders to man-made marvels, there are so many things to experience in the USA. So much so, we think it only makes sense to add visiting all 50 states to your bucket list.

Read A Book A Week For A Full Year

There are plenty of perks when it comes to reading books; you have adventure at your fingertips, (if it’s the old-fashioned bound paper and spine kind) it doesn’t require a charger and the batteries won’t die. Books are multifunctional. They help to engage, entertain, and enlighten. If 52 seems like a bite too big to chew, you can always scale it down to a more manageable mouthful of 12 (that’s just one book a month).

See Your Favorite Artist In Concert

You’ve listened to their songs on repeat, embarrassed yourself by belting notes you know are a bit outside of your vocal capability, and secretly created a dance routine to their hit single. Or, maybe, you just perfected your air guitar and know when every breakdown will happen or beat will drop. Whatever the case, make sure you make 2018 the year you see your favorite artist in concert!

crowd awaits start of rock concert

Swim With Sharks

Take on the open ocean: go snorkeling with leopard sharks in San Diego or swimming with whale sharks in the waters of Isla Mujeres. There’s a whole diverse wet world that awaits.

Pick Up A New Hobby

Knitting, crocheting, cooking, scuba diving and/or hiking are all neat hobbies to begin to explore. In your leisure time, find something new to do. New hobbies not only encourage you to build new skills but are also a great way to introduce you to new communities of people. This applies to our next suggestion too.

Go Tandem Skydiving In North Carolina At Skydive Paraclete XP!

Want this year to be unlike any other? Like we said before, sometimes you have to step just outside of your comfort zone for an experience you will never forget! Skydiving definitely fits the bill. Imagine feeling like the world is at your fingertips as you freefall from 13,500 feet! It’s really hard to beat that.

guy crosses tandem skydiving off his bucket list

Need A More Gentle Start: Try Indoor Skydiving!

If you want a taste of flight before you make the leap from 13,500 feet, try indoor skydiving first! It is a sensation, we are pretty sure you will fall for: a mix between flying and floating. Who knows, maybe you will satisfy two items on the list with this and end up with trips to the wind tunnel as a new hobby!

Men and women clapping and smiling while watching coworkers skydive indoors at Paraclete XP.

So. Much. Fun. Including my accidental "acrobatics" and giggles. My very patient instructors were AHmazing! Our campers from UNCW Engineering Expectations LOVED the experience! Thanks, guys!

Amber Lee