indoor skydiving with friends

Top 3 Reasons to Go Indoor Skydiving With Friends

Monday, August 20, 2018

Indoor-skydiving curious? More power to you! We’re here to support that curiosity with some fun facts — namely, the most important thing you can do to make your first-time indoor skydiving experience even more positive (and even a little easier). Ready? Here it is: Don’t do it by yourself! Here’s why.

1. It’s team-building

There’s a reason that most of the people who show up for a first-time flight do so with someone else in tow: be that a date, a friend, a parent, the kids….or a whole birthday party full of ‘em. We’ve seen bachelor (and bachelorette!) parties come through our doors, as well as corporate groups seeing each other out of shiny suits for maybe the first time ever, marauding packs of freshly-graduated students, family reunions…heck, every kind of tribe wants to get in on this!

Why? Because flying is just about the fastest, coolest way to bond with your fellow man, and indoor skydiving removes most of the anxiety that’s associated with skydiving out of airplanes. That said…

2. It’s a great way to dodge nerves

Nobody said that building confidence was easy. And nobody said that building self-esteem was easy, either! As it turns out, the lack of a skydiving airplane doesn’t totally erase the feelings of skydiving anxiety that you still might have in the indoor skydiving wind tunnel. You might just discover those butterfies (fear of heights butterflies, to put a fine point on it) when you’re flyin’ with your skilled, super-pro instructor.

As it turns out, showing up with at least one other supporting person — especially someone who’s going through the same thing — can punch way above its weight when it comes to conquering fear. It sounds funny, but feeling scared with someone else makes feeling scared a lot less scary!

3. It’s a favor you’re doing for them

Here’s the straight dope: Flying your body for the first time is truly a landmark, lifetime experience. It’s a feeling that compares to nothing else on this planet, and it really, really shouldn’t be experienced alone.

Indoor skydiving’s total age-inclusiveness (Bring the 3-year-old! Bring grandma! Bring everybody!) and physical-ability inclusiveness (Wheelchair-bound? Physical disabilities? Come in and let’s talk about what’s possible!) make indoor skydiving an activity for everyone you care about. Why? It’s inspiring, confidence-building, worldview-expanding and just plain fun! When you bring someone along, you’re leading them to a source of delight and growth potential that they probably need just as much as you do. You’re gonna be a hero for issuing the invitation!

Andrew was my 8 & 10yr olds coach. They loved him & gave them an awesome first time experience. They will definitely be saving their money to go back. Loved the place & staff!

Patty Higareda-Manivong