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Top 10 Reasons to Try Indoor Skydiving

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Indoor skydiving might seem like a wacky way to spend an afternoon. We’re here to tell you that it’s not! In fact, it’s the world’s best way to spend an afternoon, and here’s why.

1. If you’re really, really, really afraid of heights!

Lots of folks decide to fly in the wind tunnel instead of skydiving because the idea of putting on a parachute and getting out of a plane is just, well, a non-starter. If serious acrophobia is part of your reality, don’t fight it! Fly the tubular skies instead.

2. If you’re looking for a great stepping stone into skydiving from a plane

On the other hand — if you’re into the idea of skydiving but you want to test the waters first, the wind tunnel is also a great idea. Modern solo skydiving training programs use the wind tunnel to bolster training whenever the tunnel is available, and ours is no exception. Fly with us before you jump with us, and give yourself a well-deserved leg up!

man receives hands-on instruction during first indoor skydive

3. If you’re looking for an activity to thrill the entire family

There’s no age restriction to fly, so the wind tunnel is something the whole family can do. Bring the toddlers, bring grandma — everyone’s invited! This’ll be a family reunion for the history books.

4. If you want a new fitness activity that’ll blow your mind

Flying in the tunnel can be a unique and challenging addition to a fitness program. After all, it involves the mindfulness of yoga, the dynamic strength of gymnastics, flexibility, focus, agility and power — all mixed up in a package of proprioception to push the envelope of even the most dedicated athlete. (There’s a reason everybody’s lookin’ so good in those tight suits, folks.)

5. If you want to leave your comfort zone and try something completely different

Tunnel flying is incredibly unique. It’s a blend of body movement modalities that crosses all known boundaries, transmuting daly life into a fully immersive 3D movement environment. It’s impossible to describe to the uninitiated, so you’d better initiate it.

6. If you’re looking for a new tribe

The community of people that fly are so interesting. Every tunnel we’ve ever been in is incredible international, full of folks who are totally excited about progressing in their hearts, minds and bodies — just like you! And — also just like you — they’re so much fun to spend time with.

7. If you’re looking for a super great date night.

Speaking of meeting people — whether you’re impressing someone new of “kidnapping” your spouse for a unique evening, you won’t find a better destination than the wind tunnel. Which would you rather do: watch the seventeenth Marvel release this year, or learn to fly? Yeah. We thought so.

8. If you’re looking for stress relief

Nothing gets you focused in the moment like human flight, and your daily frustrations won’t be able to hang on in the force of that wind. Blow them off! Get some air.

9. If you like the idea of competing in a sport that might get Olympic status (!)

This is on the horizon, folks, but indoor skydiving might just be an Olympic sport before long. In the meantime, however, you can compete in indoor skydiving on the local, national or world level. Go for the gold!

10. If you like fun.

We love fun! And we want to show you our favorite kind of fun, which is making pretty shapes in the indoor skydiving wind tunnel. Let’s get you suited up and teach you how to fly!

Everyone was extremely friendly,fun and helpful! We were from out of town drove three hours and were running late from bad weather we had a group of 10 and they called us to tell us to be careful in the weather and to take our time on arriving. Our instructor was amazing we had 3 three yr olds and he did an amazing job with all of them!

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