Young child loving the birthday party idea of indoor skydiving.

3 Unexpected Benefits of Indoor Skydiving for Your Kids

Friday, April 5, 2019

For a child, the idea of being able to fly is likely going to seem to be an unaccessible dream. At Paraclete XP, however, you can offer your child the experience of living that dream — whether with friends, by herself or with a coach whose goal is to help your child take that dream all the way to competition level. Does that sound crazy? It’s certainly not!

1. Indoor skydiving is a mood-booster.

Have your kids got the grammar- (or middle-, or high-) school blues? We know a great way to cure those — and to deliver sports-averse kids a means to share a social environment that will support them physically, mentally and emotionally.

Indoor skydiving gives even the meekest kid the chance to excel at something sensationally novel and totally different than any other experience on offer on this planet. Add that to the physical exhilaration of learning how to fly, and you quickly discover that indoor skydiving is a mood-booster that decidedly trumps candy bars and video games on the basis of pure enjoyment.

Wind Tunnel instructor Steve Rulli with his kids

2. Indoor skydiving builds kids’ confidence

Nobody said that building confidence was easy. And nobody said that building self-esteem was easy, either! As it turns out, the lack of a skydiving airplane doesn’t totally erase the feelings of skydiving anxiety that you still might have in the indoor skydiving wind tunnel. You might just discover those butterflies (fear of heights butterflies, to put a fine point on it) when you’re flyin’ with your skilled, super-pro instructor.

As it turns out, showing up with at least one other supporting person — especially someone who’s going through the same thing — can punch way above its weight when it comes to conquering fear. It sounds funny, but feeling scared with someone else makes feeling scared a lot less scary!

3. It’s a great workout that’s super-fun

Imagine a combination of swimming, gymnastics, dance and plyometrics — and you might come close to imagining the kind of physical experience the indoor skydiving wind tunnel provides. Flying builds strength, flexibility, body awareness, physical intelligence and power, and it does all of that in the context of pure fun.

We believe that indoor skydiving is something that every kid should try! It’s inspiring, confidence-building, worldview-expanding and just plain fun! When you bring your little ones to learn how to fly, you’re not just providing them with a fun day out. You’re inspiring them. You’re leading them to a source of delight and growth potential that they probably need just as much as you do. Get ready, mom & dad: You’re gonna be a hero at your house!

Experience of a lifetime. My husband, 7 year old daughter and I took a break at this place on our drive to Georgia. It was a great decision, as it was so much fun. Our instructor was great. It is a top notch facility. We each got a two minute flight, at first we thought it would not be enough, but once we did it, we realized it's more than enough to get the adrenaline rush. They took pictures and video of the entire experience. Anyone can also watch it live on their website. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Croal P.