Top 10 FAQs of Indoor Skydiving

Top 10 FAQs of Indoor Skydiving

Friday, September 13, 2019

You’ve got indoor skydiving questions? We’ve got indoor skydiving answers. We’re here to make sure you’re the most knowledgeable, informed, savvy first-time indoor skydiver there ever was. And this is how we’ll start:

1. How old/young do you have to be?

If you’ve blown out three candles on a birthday cake, you’re welcome to fly with us. Unlike skydiving from a plane, indoor skydiving is a terrific activity for the little ones to participate in — as well as the little ones’ grandparents! We have no upper age limit for our flyers.

2. Is it scary?

Different folks have different fear thresholds. For some people, indoor skydiving can be scary. But not because it’s inherently scary; because it’s new. Being supported by a column of air (under the watchful eye — and occasional hand — of a professional indoor skydiving instructor) is a novel sensation, and some people get nervous when they try new things. Totally understandable! If you have butterflies, just arrive before your scheduled time (or show up at random while we’re open) to check out other flyers’ flights. You’ll be quickly convinced to hop in yourself.

3. Do I fly alone, or can I fly with my friends?

First-time flyers fly individually, for safety and comfort. Your tribe, if you’ve booked them in at the same time, will be right on the other side of the glass ready to go as well, so you won’t be hurting for a cheering section and a flurry of post-flight high-fives.

4. Can I get it on video?

Absolutely! We have a few cameras set up to capture your flight for posterity (and some nice lighting, too, which everyone knows is very important).

5. Do you have a weight limit?

The weight limit for indoor skydiving at Paraclete XP is 250 pounds, for the safety of both student and instructor. That said: Exceptions can be made, so please give us a call about this issue and we’ll make a determination.two experienced flyers practice bodyflight skills in wind tunnel

6. Is it hard to indoor skydive?

Flying for the first time is on the challenging side of easy. We’re here to make sure you’re the most knowledgeable, informed, savvy first-time indoor skydiver there ever was. Once you get addicted to the sport — and trust us, that’s a very real possibility — you can start to reach for the stars of Olympic-level prowess, which is certainly hard. But so rewarding.

7. What kind of equipment do I need?

We have you covered with a jumpsuit that’s required to wear, a helmet and goggles. Wear close-fitting athletic clothing underneath and lace-up athletic shoes and you’ll be golden.

8. Is it safe?

Indoor skydiving is as safe as any other athletic activity — which is to say that it’s a physical challenge and is important to pay attention to and comply with your instructor’s asks, and unintended variables can randomly pop up. That said, indoor skydiving is not an extreme sport, and we’ve mitigated every risk we can, which is all anyone can ask for.

9. Do you do parties?

Heck yes, we do parties. Check them out.

10. How long can I fly for?

You can fly for the rest of your life. We certainly plan to. This sport is addictive, but for now keep it to a couple minutes. It’s hard work!

Young boy smiles while flying in the tunnel at the Paraclete XP youth league.

Everyone was extremely friendly,fun and helpful! We were from out of town drove three hours and were running late from bad weather we had a group of 10 and they called us to tell us to be careful in the weather and to take our time on arriving. Our instructor was amazing we had 3 three yr olds and he did an amazing job with all of them!

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