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Why a skydiving membership investment is worth it

Friday, October 11, 2019

Money doesn’t just grow on trees, which is why so many choose to purchase a skydiving membership with Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving. Essentially, a skydiving membership functions the same way as a membership to your favorite grocery store, restaurant or amusement park would — a focus on savings and an up-front investment that pays off in the long run. The added benefit of a skydiving membership at Paraclete XP Indoor is you get to reap the benefits of indoor skydiving as well!

If you’ve already flown in our 51-foot high, 16-foot tall, 4-inch wide tunnel (one of the widest in the world) you know we offer something special. In addition to our unique facilities, we offer one of the most cost-effective skydiving memberships in the country. 

What are the benefits of indoor skydiving with a skydiving membership?

Each of our skydiving memberships help participants maximize the benefits of indoor skydiving. With indoor skydiving, as with outdoor skydiving, currency is key. Becoming a frequent flyer (both literally and figuratively) helps individuals to accrue skills and progress more quickly. An indoor skydiving membership encourages you to commit to your growth in the sport while going easy on your wallet. 

What are the benefits of skydiving with a skydiving membership?

There are many benefits of skydiving with a skydiving membership.

Having trouble with your skydiving progression? New jumpers can utilize the wind tunnel to practice the basic skydiving arch and to learn essential freefall skills. Make use of your skydiving membership to work on upper body turns, knee turns, and instability maneuvers, all of which are necessary to master in order to receive your skydiving A license. 

Experienced skydivers can best utilize skydiving memberships to begin to learn advanced freefall maneuvers in the safety of the wind tunnel. Struggling to nail head-up flight? Interested in learning to fly head-down? Consistently practicing your free fall skills with a skydiving membership will help you to develop your freefall skills on your skydives.

So, which skydiving membership package is right for you?

The membership package you choose will depend on your aspirations and your schedule. 

Our most commonly purchased packages for individuals not local to the area are the Yearly 30 Minute XP Membership and the Weekly XP Membership.

Yearly 30 Minute XP Membership: 30 Minutes of Flight Time Per Week

If you’re a reasonable distance away, but within a few hours drive, the Yearly 30 Minute XP Membership may be the best bang for your buck. With this indoor skydiving membership, you receive 30 minutes of flight time per week. Because you only need to set aside one day a week and you can get your flight time done all in one day, this membership is optimal for out-of-town members or members with busy schedules. As far as body flight progression is concerned, coming back week after week helps you to progress smoothly and efficiently. 

Weekly XP Membership: 15 Minutes of Flight Time Per Day for 7 Consecutive Days

What do you think of an indoor wind tunnel vacation? Because that is precisely what this package offers. Individuals who choose this membership option are given 15 minutes of flight time each day for a week. If you’re looking to jump-start your freefall skills or spend a week dedicated to improving your flying, this is the option for you.

Largest Wind Tunnel in United States

Yearly 10 Minute XP Membership: 10 Minutes of Flight Time Per Day

If you are within close proximity to Paraclete XP with a flexible schedule, this skydiving membership package may be the best suited for you. With this skydiving membership, you can book 10 minutes of flight time a day per day for an entire year. The only caveat is your time can only be booked 30 minutes in advance. 

Monthly XP Membership: 10-Minute or 30-Minute

For those of you out there that are a bit non-committal, a membership that goes month-by-month will keep you from feeling tied down. The rules for each of these memberships is similar to the yearly memberships, except it goes month-by-month. If you’re just interested in trying a membership on for size to see how you like it, the Monthly 10- or 30-Minute Membership is for you. 

To learn more about our skydiving membership packages or for exact pricing information, give us a call or read more about it on our website

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