indoor skydiving cost

How Much Does Indoor Skydiving Cost?

Sunday, May 16, 2021

A vertical wind tunnel is a very good way to simulate what it feels like to go skydiving – but this is not the whole story. Indoor skydiving is a controlled freefall environment that not only gives you a taste of what it is like to jump from an airplane – it has grown over the years into a hobby and a sport all by itself. The ability to very precisely control the wind speed and work with direct feedback from an instructor makes it an amazing way to learn body flight – but it is also tremendous fun. What does indoor skydiving cost though? Without any prior knowledge of how it all works, the prices appear somewhat steep and bewildering, but let us investigate a bit to offer some clarity…


Doing a skydive costs around $200 and lasts for one minute. While we still love skydiving, you can experience freefall in our vertical wind tunnel for about $35 per minute. There are also a couple of other advantages offered over skydiving by flying indoors. Firstly, for a tandem skydive (the way most people experience jumping for the first time) you are taught the right body position to assume and that’s all – while indoors you will very likely get to try out some moves such as controlling your height or doing turns. Also, while your tunnel instructor is right there where you need them – from your very first wind tunnel flight you will not be attached to anybody and can fly free! An additional consideration for the extra-nervous is that skydiving is all or nothing, but during a wind tunnel session you can get out any time you wish (although wanting to stay in longer is way more likely).

indoor skydiving cost

Per Minute?

Paying for something that charges by the minute seems like it is going to add up quickly – but you are actually getting much more than the seconds on the clock when you are in the flight chamber. The total cost reflects the whole process, from your introductory briefing through to more advanced work with a coach – and all the right feedback afterwards. What you are paying for is also sufficient time with your instructor either side of the flights themselves for you feel thoroughly ready when you get in the tunnel, fully understand what you have achieved – and are ready for what comes next.

More Time, More Value

The more time you buy, the cheaper it gets. Tunnel flying is already comparatively much cheaper than skydiving, but we also have various packages available to add to the value you receive. Coming together as a family or group of friends is one way, but we also run regular offers – so the best way to get a good deal is keep checking our website for what is currently available. The cheapest rates are available when you become a Pro Flyer and invest in big lumps of time that you can use as you see fit and tailor your training to what you need. As soon as you become qualified to fly together with similarly skilled others – you can then directly split the cost! An added bonus is that here at Paraclete XP we have the biggest wind tunnel in the USA at 16ft in diameter – so there is way more space to fly with you friends. 

Money Well Spent

Indoor skydiving is an absolute blast, and learning to fly in a vertical wind tunnel is both challenging and very rewarding. From the very first session you will be learning skills that feel amazing to use, and achieving goals in a unique and spectacular sport that can very easily become your new passion. The best way to find out what it is like is to give it a try, and we are waiting for you!  


Young boy smiles while flying in the tunnel at the Paraclete XP youth league.

What a great experience! Derek was a fantastic instructor and was wonderful with our whole family. Thanks for a great time, and for putting up with our mid-air catastrophes, fly always, and general chaos!
We can't wait to come back!

Kelly Burich