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How to Prepare for Your First Indoor Skydive

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Have dreams of reaching new heights? Indoor skydiving is one of the most accessible ways to try out human flight. As a unique experience all its own, an indoor skydive provides the opportunity to freefall without the added business of a plane ride or a parachute. 

Interested in an indoor skydive but unsure of where to start? Check out our simple how-to guide for preparing for your first indoor skydive.

Comfort First

We get that after a year being cooped up and only worrying about how your top half looks for that Zoom meeting, you might be itching to show off those new duds you bought for your big return to the “real world.” Well, we hate to disappoint, but your indoor skydive isn’t going to be the time to make a fashion statement. 

You might have been ready to dust off your denim, but jeans aren’t ideal for an indoor skydive. Instead, choose leggings or close-fitting athletic pants. While function over fashion is preferred for an indoor skydive, at the very least, thanks to the strong athleisure trend, you don’t have to completely forgo a quality outfit in favor of comfort. 

Sneak Peek Into The Pre-Flight Briefing

Having a bit of familiarity with what to expect before going into your indoor skydiving experience can help to assuage any feelings of first-time anxiety you may be feeling. While pre-flight briefings may differ slightly based on the instructor, they all cover three main subjects: proper body position, hand signals, and basic safety tips.

During your pre-flight briefing, you will learn about the most basic (and stable) freefall body position: the arch. In essence, the arch is a prone body position (stomach down) where your chin and legs are lifted and your hips/pelvis are the lowest point. In addition to covering the ideal freefall body position, you will also be introduced to the basic hand signals that will be used for communication during your indoor skydive. Last but not least, your instructor will cover the general safety tips to follow as you make your way to the staging area and the flight chamber. 

first indoor skydive

Expect To Fly High

Paraclete XP is home to the largest vertical wind tunnel in the United States. At 53 feet tall and with a diameter of 16 and a half feet, we provide a roomy, high-flying indoor skydiving experience that is unrivaled. With four 541 horsepower fans, our tunnel generates a smooth, powerful, and adjustable windflow to suit different sizes and types of indoor skydivers. Because of the quality of our facilities, we are also a premier destination for skydiving teams from across the world, and are proud to be the host of the annual US Indoor Skydiving Championships. 

From world-renowned indoor skydivers to folks making their first indoor skydive, at Paraclete XP you can expect to fly high!

Bring the Family Along

Indoor skydiving doesn’t have to be a solo affair—the whole family can join in! From ages 3-93, everyone can enjoy indoor skydiving. What better way to build stronger bonds than by trying something new together? Laugh, learn, and make memories that will last a lifetime by making an indoor skydive with Paraclete XP.

first indoor skydive

Full Body and Mind Sweat Sesh

Most do not realize that an indoor skydive is a great workout for both your body and your mind. 

Developing a stable, balanced, arched position atop a column of air requires a decent amount of core stability and will activate many of your muscle groups including your obliques, rectus abdominis, and transverse abdominis. Each flight time can also be considered like “wind resistance training” for your body: the more often you fly the more natural the feeling becomes and the longer you will be able to keep good form. Likewise, if you choose to progress in indoor skydiving, supplemental time in the gym can help you get even more out of the experience. 

An indoor skydive, is also a great way to give your brain a little workout. Because you are learning something new, the experience really gets those synapses firing and gets that magnificent muscle in your noggin (aka your brain) fully engaged. 

At the start of your foray with indoor skydiving your focus will be balance and stability, but with practice, by maneuvering your body through the airflow, you can swoop and twist with avian grace just like a bird on the wing. Don’t worry, even the best indoor skydiver had to begin somewhere. Let’s get you started today! 


Young boy smiles while flying in the tunnel at the Paraclete XP youth league.

My wife and I came here a day after our wedding for a little fun. We had a blast. We will be returning in the future. Dave was a great instructor.

Allen Kurtz