Is Indoor Skydiving Scary?

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Is indoor skydiving scary? Trying something new can be nerve-wracking, and stepping out of your comfort zone can be stressful – but with indoor skydiving, there are a lot of ways to minimize risk and soothe your nerves. Plus, it’s important to remember that, as a general rule, indoor skydiving comes with minimal risk and some serious rewards.

As with any new experience, you’ll have questions about what it takes and determine if you’re up to the challenge. Luckily, with indoor skydiving, there are plenty of resources to help you prepare before you even step into the tunnel. Here’s some information to boost your confidence about indoor skydiving for the first time!

Why is Indoor Skydiving Scary?

The short answer is, once you learn more about it, indoor skydiving isn’t scary! But, for those who need to physically get into the tunnel before they can truly size up and overcome their fear, there are things that seem scary and stressful about indoor skydiving. 

Some of the positions and techniques you’ll use in the tunnel will be completely new! While this is exciting to some, others may wonder if they have what it takes to perform in the tunnel. The good news is that indoor skydiving is highly accessible, and experienced instructors will guide you through all of the steps to be successful. 

Your instructor will teach you all that you need to know, and will even be with you inside the tunnel to help you fine-tune your technique. A great confidence-building strategy is to watch some videos of toddlers (yes, three-year-olds!) flying in the wind tunnel. If someone who only learned how to walk a couple of years ago can do it, chances are so can you! 

Another part of indoor skydiving that may scare some people is the space. By being surrounded by walls on all sides, it’s easy to imagine bumping into one of them by accident. Fortunately, our tunnel instructors are highly trained to keep you flying stable while in the tunnel, so you won’t have to worry about flying somewhere you don’t want to. We also have all the protective gear you need to keep yourself safe in case you wander too close to one of the tunnel’s walls. Your helmet and your instructor are there for you! 

Minimal Risk

is indoor skydiving scary


Another way to answer the question, “is indoor skydiving scary?” is to realize that there is minimal risk associated with the activity. Unlike its outdoor cousin, there is no dramatic fall at 120 mph, there is no high-tech gear to rely on, and no landing to worry about. The environment is completely controlled, and when you are flying in the tunnel, all trained eyes are on you to ensure your experience is as safe and fun as possible. While there is the potential for injury, as there is with any exciting activity, your instructor is there to mitigate that risk and make things go smoothly. 

Another difference is that instead of your instructor being strapped behind you, tunnel instructors will fly in front of and next to you, so you will be able to see and communicate with each other. They will take a very hands-on approach, and you will know where they are at all times. 

Even when injuries do happen in the tunnel, they are usually minor and amount to scrapes or bruises – a small price to pay for such an amazing experience. Bonus, you get to show your friends just how cool you are! 


There are many ways to prepare for indoor skydiving, and each person has their own way of hyping themselves up for a new experience. 

While we have a very detailed and organized training program that you’ll complete before you fly with us, there are other things you can do on your own to quell your nerves. Because indoor tunnels are clear, you can come to your session early and watch other people do exactly what you are about to do. Once you see people just like you having the time of their life, you will get a real sense of just how fun your indoor skydiving adventure will be. 

You can also review topics on our site that will answer some of your questions about indoor skydiving. Knowing what to expect and having your curiosities fulfilled before you even arrive can go a long way to turning that anxiety into excitement! 

We are also happy to answer any questions you have in person, so don’t hesitate to speak up and get clarification before you enter the tunnel. 

indoor skydiving
Indoor skydiving experience in the wind tunnel at Paraclete XP.

The Benefits of Overcoming the Fear of Indoor Skydiving

As if just going indoor skydiving isn’t enough, there are a number of other benefits to spending some time in the wind tunnel. Pushing yourself to try something new helps boost confidence and improves your mental health. Imagine how amazing you will feel after you overcome your fear and absolutely rock it in the tunnel!

Indoor skydiving can also improve your body awareness and overall fitness. Even though people of all shapes and sizes can participate, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a physical aspect to flying your body. Learning how to move in the wind will create a new connection to your body and show you that you are capable of things you never imagined! 

Additionally, even though indoor skydiving is done mere feet from the ground, it can actually help with a fear of heights. Whether you are using indoor skydiving as a stepping stone to jump out of a plane, or you just want to experience what body flight feels like, indoor skydiving can improve your life physically, mentally, and emotionally! 

Come Fly With us!

Next time someone asks you, “is indoor skydiving scary?” you’ll be able to answer confidently and invite them to book a session and experience the feeling of flight firsthand!

Thanks so much for a wonderful first time adventure for me and my 5 year old great-niece; and also my 2nd timer niece. I felt very safe and informed through the whole process. My only wish is that we had ParacleteXP in Minnesota-with you to guide us! Thanks again for a wonderful time. We will DEFINITELY be back next time when in NC.

Ellen Adams