Earn Your Wings Christmas Special

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There can be no gift more unique than the gift of flight! If you know someone with a vivid imagination, a sense of adventure, and a curiosity to do things outside of the norm, then our Earn Your Wings Christmas Special is perfect!

Our Earn Your Wings Indoor Skydiving experience is the equivalent of two 14,000′ skydives!

Your class will enter the tunnel and take turns flying. You get 2 flights of 1 minute each. In this package, you will learn basic body maneuvers and begin to feel in control of your flight.

This promotion is a savings of $10 OFF – purchase for $75.

This package also includes a classroom flight course, Flight Certificate, Gear Rental, and Instruction.

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Young boy smiles while flying in the tunnel at the Paraclete XP youth league.

I surprised my kids today with a flight. At first they were worried but after they went through the instruction and their 1st flight they had a great time. They smiled for hours after we left. Instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly. This was well worth the drive and cost involved. We will be back. Thank you for being a great place to take kids. Keep up the good work.

James Griffin