Indoor Skydiving: What To Expect

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What To Expect From Indoor Skydiving

I once described indoor skydiving to my best friend. The conclusion she came to was “Oh, so it’s like riding a giant hairdryer?” Well, sort of.

Indoor skydiving is flying your body on a strong stream of air in a vertical wind tunnel.

It is called indoor skydiving because the forces on your body are the same as during the freefall part of a skydive.

If you’re indoor skydiving for the first time, whether you have skydived before or not, you probably have a few questions about the ‘windy tube’.

Here we cover the basics of what to expect from, and how to prepare for, indoor skydiving.

What Does It Feel Like?

Once suspended by the airflow, the sensation is something between flying and floating. The feeling is very much like free fall, but not quite the same. It is a hard sensation to describe, but it is awesome – so try it and find out!

The high speed of the airflow means it is noisy and your body position is very sensitive to movement of your body. Your instructor will teach you a stable body position and a series of hand signals for communication before your indoor skydiving flight.

How Do I Get Into The Tunnel?

You lean forward from the door, guided by your instructor, until you are supported by the airflow. This will also be taught before your flight.

When Do I Arrive?

45 minutes early, to provide time for your instructor to brief you and to be kitted up. You cannot fly without this, so be punctual!

How Do I Prepare?

You do not need to do anything special to prepare for indoor skydiving. Just eat normally, don’t consume any alcohol, and turn up in appropriate clothing.

You will be provided with a one-piece jumpsuit, which you wear over your clothes, along with a helmet and goggles.


Is It Dangerous?

Indoor skydiving is a low-risk pursuit. The dangers are not much beyond bumps and scrapes, which your helmet and jumpsuit protect you from.

You have an experienced instructor to handle you, keeping you flying right throughout.

Can Anybody Do It?

Indoor skydiving is a very inclusive sport and almost anyone can partake, some of the best experienced flyers in the world have disabilities, but there are a few restrictions.

It Seems Somewhat Expensive – Is it worth the money?

In a word, yes. Most people want to fly more once they have done it.

Some begin regular indoor skydiving as a hobby, even if they don’t skydive.

Need justification to spend $30-odd dollars per minute? A skydive from 13,000ft gets you approximately 1 minute of freefall. So, in $ per second of freefall, it’s really a saving!

I am Interested– When Can I Indoor Skydive?

Unlike skydiving, indoor skydiving is not weather dependent. Simply book a time and fly at that time.

We’re open Sunday to Thursday 9:00am – 7:00pm and Friday/Saturday 9:00am – 9:00pm and you can book online.

Have Questions?

Call us! We’d love to chat with you about flying in our wind tunnel!

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    1. Hi Shameka, if you’re experienced in the wind tunnel, two people can fly together. If you’re relatively new, flying with an instructor would be required as two novice flyers could injure each other. Hope this helps!

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Experience of a lifetime. My husband, 7 year old daughter and I took a break at this place on our drive to Georgia. It was a great decision, as it was so much fun. Our instructor was great. It is a top notch facility. We each got a two minute flight, at first we thought it would not be enough, but once we did it, we realized it's more than enough to get the adrenaline rush. They took pictures and video of the entire experience. Anyone can also watch it live on their website. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Croal P.