Why Indoor Skydiving is a Fun Group Activity

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Finding fun group activities that appeal to all your friends and are interesting enough to make it worth the effort can be a challenge. But that’s probably because you’ve never put together an indoor skydiving group to fly in the largest wind tunnel in the country!

Indoor skydiving is among the top fun group activities for adults, and is also one of the prime team building activities for work. And indoor skydiving prices only get cheaper the more people you bring along, so the more the merrier! 

And why do people like indoor skydiving so much? Well, because jumping out of an airplane and plummeting toward the earth at 120 mph isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Flying in the tunnel means you can enjoy all the freedom and physical sensation of flying without actually having to leave the ground (at least more than a few feet). 

That’s all well and good, but is indoor skydiving fun? Read on to find out all the reasons indoor skydiving is the most fun when you do it with friends! 

Moral Support

Of course, we love our friends because they’re fun to be around, but there’s more to friendship than just laughs. Friends are a great source of emotional support for things like, say, going skydiving! 

So how does indoor skydiving compare to the real thing? Even though indoor skydiving might not be quite as scary as jumping out of an airplane, it still comes with its fair share of anxiety. It’s a feeling you’ve never felt before, and your body will be doing things it doesn’t normally do. 

Having friends there who are going through the same thing will make the whole process seem less stressful. You can lean on each other, cheer each other on, and, yes, even laugh at each other for doing silly things while getting used to body flight. 

Think about other worries you’ve had or times you were stressed, and how it felt to have someone to talk you through it and celebrate with you afterwards. That same feeling applies to indoor skydiving! 


The support and camaraderie of doing something new with your friends will only serve to make your connection stronger. Only your group will know the dynamics of everyone learning to fly in the tunnel, and that experience will feel special. 

Setting out to accomplish something together will automatically make you feel closer to the people you’re with. And achieving that goal seals the deal. Overcoming fears and having once-in-a-lifetime experiences together create a connection like nothing else. The laughs, the nerves, and the triumphs will create a bond that you won’t share with anyone outside your group!! 

Pro tip: get the indoor skydiving video package so you can look back on all the memories you’ve shared! 

Start a Tradition 

Who’s to say you can only go indoor skydiving once? Why not make it a yearly adventure for you and your group of friends? Maybe it’s to celebrate a birthday, a friend-iversary, or a significant time in the group’s history. Or maybe your posse just loves doing awesome things together. 

And it doesn’t have to be annual, either. Want to make the 15th of every month tunnel day? Do it. Or maybe your payday treat is a little bit of tunnel time with the peeps. Whatever the reason, indoor skydiving is the perfect way to celebrate the bond you share with the people you care about. 

Indoor skydiving party guests.

Save Money! 

It doesn’t have to be all sentimental and mushy feelings. Bringing a group of people with you can also just be about saving cold, hard cash. And the more people you bring, the more money you save! 

Discounts start at groups of 6-12 and go all the way up to 12-24, so reach deep into that contact list and start recruiting! 

Official Events

If you thought having your 10th birthday at the roller rink was cool, imagine how awesome it’ll be to learn how to fly on the day you were born. Our party packages can accommodate birthday parties, wedding celebrations, corporate team building, and just about anything you want to party about. 

Bring your friends, your family, whoever you want to celebrate your big day with. Or maybe you want to bring all the people standing up in your wedding to take a leap before you take yours! 

Even flying with coworkers is fun. Forget about those dusty old icebreakers and hop in the tunnel for some true team bonding. 

You can even invent a holiday or special reason to throw a party in the tunnel. We don’t care, as long as you get to fly! 

Licensed Skydivers

Even experienced skydivers like visiting the tunnel with friends! From brand new students to professional skydiving teams, it’s extremely common for licensed jumpers to come to the tunnel with their peeps. 

Sometimes a group of AFF or coach students will come to the tunnel to practice for their in-air evaluations, either with their instructor or just to support each other. Having other people with you who are in the same boat as you really helps 

On the flip side, skydiving teams use the tunnel to supplement their training in the sky. And maybe this is obvious, but they always come as a group! 

It’s also a great way to bond, even for people who already jump together! Training in the tunnel encourages a different type of connection, regardless of experience level. It can bring a team closer, it can forge lifelong friendships between new jumpers, or connect a student with a proverbial Sky God. 

So, is indoor skydiving actually fun? We certainly think so! But stop by and tell us what YOU think! 


Young boy smiles while flying in the tunnel at the Paraclete XP youth league.

We have been twice now and absolutely love it and are already planning our next family flight! Andy, Derek, and all of the staff have been amazing. They are excellent with both kids and adults, and our 4 year old daughter can't get enough! The facility is top notch, and they ensure you have a safe and REALLY fun time. You can tell everyone loves what they do, and it more than their job - it is their passion. I would HIGHLY recommend this for kids and families, and they even offer birthday party packages.

Bobbie Jean Fraley