indoor skydiving instructor Mike Brewer

Meet Our Indoor Skydiving Instructor Mike Brewer

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Mike Brewer hails from Hilton Head Island, SC, and has the unique ability to down an entire bag of tortilla chips in one sitting. He possesses a super quick wit and pretty quirky sense of humor. He enjoys writing, making films and music, rock climbing, and surfing. Oh and did we mention he is one impressive indoor skydiving instructor!?


indoor skydiving instructor Mike Brewer in wind tunnel


It’s likely if you make your way to Paraclete XP you’ll have the opportunity to interact with Mike, so why not get to know him a little first?


How long have you been skydiving? 6 years (March 11, 2012—the only anniversary of which I keep track).


Were there any early indicators that you would end up pursuing a career in skydiving?

(a wild streak perhaps? Or penchant for heights?) I grew up surfing and climbing trees and jumping off of tall things. I suppose I always felt like there was something missing though, and I found that when I started skydiving.


What is your favorite aspect of tunnel flying and coaching?

In my personal flying, I love the freedom to experiment and the pure, uninhibited creativity. When it comes to coaching, it’s the problem-solving aspect that I most enjoy. I love figuring out what connections are going to help people unlock a new skill and experiencing the vicarious joy when a flyer makes a breakthrough.


What is your favorite aspect of skydiving?

Going Mach 1-million and feeling like my clothes are going to tear off.


Mike Brewer and team member exits a skydiving plane


Do you have a preference between the two disciplines?

They’re definitely two different sports. It’s nice getting to fly for hours on end in the tunnel, but all the tunnels are pretty similar. Each skydive is so different and has so many beautiful facets within it. It keeps things fresh.


What are you looking forward to this skydiving season?

So many things! I’ve got more on my plate than ever. I’m on a team that’s aiming for the FAI World Cup in Dynamic 2-Way, and a 2-way MFS team for USPA Nationals. I’ve also got several exciting video projects lined up, and of course the Vertical World Record.


In particular, how are you feeling about the Vertical World Record this summer?

To be honest, I feel confident about my ability to do my job on the skydive, so I’m just excited to be on a jump with so many of my friends at the same time.


How did you earn an invite?

I flew out to California, slept in a freezing mini-van for five days, had crippling sinus issues, almost ended up in a canopy collision, and made the top forty on the Cali Freefly Record.


Mike Brewer and team mate on podium in Tampa, FL


How are you preparing yourself for the record?

  • Mentally? Easy—I just repetitively visualize everything going wrong. I hear negative reinforcement is the new thing.
  • Physically? I’m rock climbing 3-4 hours daily to practice holding the formation together.
  • From a standpoint of flying yourself vs flying with so many others? (You know you can fly, but records are generally defined by some pretty congested airspace) I have to trust that the organizers will do a good job of putting everyone in the best possible slot not only for success, but for safety. And if that fails, I’ve been watching Top Gun on repeat to study evasive dog fighting maneuvers.


And last but not least, what kind of gear are you using to get there?

Main: Fluid Wings Airwolf 67
Reserve: PDR 106
Container: UPT Micron 304
Jumpsuit: Jeans and a T-Shirt (sky), Tonfly (tunnel)
Helmet: Cookie G3
So come on down to the wind tunnel and meet our amazing indoor skydiving instructor Mike today.

Mike Brewer swoops at landing

We have been twice now and absolutely love it and are already planning our next family flight! Andy, Derek, and all of the staff have been amazing. They are excellent with both kids and adults, and our 4 year old daughter can't get enough! The facility is top notch, and they ensure you have a safe and REALLY fun time. You can tell everyone loves what they do, and it more than their job - it is their passion. I would HIGHLY recommend this for kids and families, and they even offer birthday party packages.

Bobbie Jean Fraley