guys hanging out at dropzone

Staycation or Vacation: A Fun Way to Play

Friday, August 11, 2017

You may have noticed that we occupy not just #1 but #1 and #2 for “Best Things To Do Around Raeford, NC” on TripAdvisor. (We’re pretty chuffed about that.) We’d like to formally introduce ourselves, then, as a totally awesome idea for your next ‘cation (of either the va- or stay- variety). Dubious? Pull up a chair. We’ll break it all down for you.

Skydiver? Boy Are We Ever The Place For You.

Brand-new skydiver? Keen amateur? Emerging pro? Paraclete’s uniquely sport-focused dropzone and vertical wind tunnel are the place to go for skill development. Here, you can team train in any discipline, develop under the guidance of scores of über-experienced coaches and participate in some of the world’s greatest skydiving events.

woman experiences flight in vertical wind tunnel

Dig into any number of regional, national and world-level indoor skydiving events at Paraclete XP. Here, you can sign yourself up to go for gold in the Indoor Skydiving Championships, the Cloud League, Mixed Formation Skydiving (MFS) mini comps and way more. Be sure to also check out Skydive Paraclete XP’s Events Calendar for details (because dude is it packed).

Not A Skydiver (Yet)? We’re The Place For You, Too!

If you’ve never made a skydive (or a tunnel flight) in your life, it might not be your first thought to visit a skydiving dropzone (or a vertical wind tunnel) as a destination. Y’know what? It’s a super-good idea. For reals.

We host folks each and every weekend who have discovered that we’re a fun, budget-friendly staycation destination. It’s also an awesome way to enjoy Raeford if you’re visiting from out of town and looking for something fun to do. Come experience flight in our wind tunnel–or take that first tandem skydive! It’s a whale-of-a-time experience to share with your spouse, family or friends.

couple celebrates anniversary at Skydive Paraclete

Got An RV? Got A Tent? We Have A Spot For You.

Overnighting at skydiving dropzones is a long-upheld tradition, and we do it proud by maintaining great camping facilities right on campus. We have an extensive tent-camping area as well as shower facilities, RV hookups, and an on-site restaurant. Why pay for a campsite in Raeford when you can chill with us? (Bonus: Celebrate your skydive with a couple of beers, knowing that you can relax ‘cause you don’t have to drive anywhere afterward.)

Long Drive? No Problem.

If it’s a mission to get to the dropzone, you can make it a delightful mission. Bring all the fixings for a picnic. Pack a couple of binoculars, so you can watch the sport skydivers play around in the wild blue yonder, whipping around in crazy configurations of every type. Sunbrellas, hula hoops, Otter Pops and coolers full of iced tea are welcome accessories. If you plan for a fun day out–not just a one-and-done jump–you’ll realize that you’ve landed in your own private paradise.

…And if you bring some marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers and a cookout kit? Boom. You just made a whole dropzone full of new friends.

What are you waiting for? No matter what kinda ‘cation you’re planning, ‘cation with us!

We have been twice now and absolutely love it and are already planning our next family flight! Andy, Derek, and all of the staff have been amazing. They are excellent with both kids and adults, and our 4 year old daughter can't get enough! The facility is top notch, and they ensure you have a safe and REALLY fun time. You can tell everyone loves what they do, and it more than their job - it is their passion. I would HIGHLY recommend this for kids and families, and they even offer birthday party packages.

Bobbie Jean Fraley